Services We Provide:

•        Urban & Regional Planning

•        Historic Preservation

•        International Development

•        Engineering & Environmental Services

•        Structural Inspections & Bridge Forensics

•        ISO Audits

•        Project & Program Management

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International Development

We provide our vast international experience of working
with developing and newly industrializing countries
throughout the world as the basis to advice your
planning at the local, regional, national, and global
levels. As we also provide our clients with an integrated
view of the institutional, legal, historical, economic,
technological, and sociopolitical factors that have
shaped successful planning experiences and how they
translate into action. Our company and our associates
expertise include economic development at various
scales; regional planning (including decentralization);
finance and project evaluation; housing, human
settlements, and infrastructure services (transportation,
telecommunications, water, sewerage); institutions of
economic growth; law and economic development;
industrialization and industrial policies (including
privatization); poverty-reducing and
employment-increasing interventions including informal
sector, nongovernment organizations, and small
enterprises; comparative urban and metropolitan politics
and policy; property rights, collective action, and
common property issues (water, forestry, grazing,
agriculture); human rights and development; conflict and
social dynamics in cities; post-conflict development; and
globalization and governance.