"A-1 has opened a path to efficiency that we wanted to achive globally ...."
Sina Parvaneh
About Our Business
We offer Professional Services in all facets of Business, Urban & Regional Planning, Historic Preservation, Building and Engineering Industry
(Engineering and Environmental Services, Structural and Building Inspections, Real Estate, Property Management, MGMT Consulting, and International
Deployments and Operations).  We have been in business since 1990 and have worked with major national and international private and government

Our Board of Directors

Ingrid Mendez

Ingrid Mendez is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of A-1 Services by Urban Concepts, Inc., since 1990. Ms. Mendez is responsible for
founding and providing strategic direction to all of its business units including A-1 Business Intelligence, A-1 Commercial Real Estate, A-1 Urban and
Regional Planning, Engineering and Environmental Services and A-1 Building Inspectors. She has served on the boards of several public companies
and is a public speaker on business intelligence and corporate expansion perspectives into global markets. She is a participating consultant on several
African and Asian projects including Tianjin, PRC on the planning of its Eco City. Ms. Mendez is also a Certified Lead Auditor of ISO 9001 (International
Standards Organization), she holds a BA degree in Urban & Regional Planning and Architecture from the University of Maryland and an Executive MBA
from Florida Metropolitan University.

Robert D'Aiello, P.E.

Robert A. D'Aiello is on our advisory board, a civil engineer with over twenty-five (25) years experience in serving the industrial, commercial and public
works sectors in the conduct of feasibility studies and in the management and execution of the design and construction of engineering projects. Mr.
D'Aiello's experience represents recent past continuous service to the local and international engineering and phosphate fertilizer industry, local
governments, environmental regulators and many private industry clients.

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